Video Games are an emerging medium right now. We’ve all seen what happens when we add a little real life to vieogames– we call the results “Machinima” (Or, y’know, “that funny Halo clip on Youtube”). But what happens if it goes from the other end, when you add a little bit of video games to reality?

A link to my original thesis on the project:


415 11/16

Did further work on Premiere for evening scene, adding audio from the game Half Life 1. Program crashed. Recovered program, after moving file containing the sound clips used from the desktop to the project folder. Program was unable to re-find audio clips. Tried to re-import source folder for the audio clips, program ground to a halt. Will re-do work on Thursday. Also attempted glitch effect in AfterEffects. Video I chose to use had a watermark on Youtube and a $13 price point on the source, so that’s out. Search for alternatives yielded many tutorials, few source clips. Currently considering having it stand without the glitch distortions. It’s more of a “technological”-feel effect, less “video game”-feel, after all. Need to reevaluate whether it’s there because it serves the video or because I just think it’d be cool. Feel like it’s probably the latter.

415 11/10

Final prep, set Evening scene to render for the first time. I have an idea to first render it out, add distortion in After Effects (probably a displacement map) and then take the result of that and put it back into Premiere, replacing the original video source’s place in the timeline in order to have the UI elements stay stable-ish in the final video. Then I’ll render it again in Premiere and that’ll be the final cut of that scene, I think.



Oct 7-8: look into getting camera from library

Oct 10:  Get velcro tape, construct hat-cam., conduct tests.

Oct 11:    Film go-to-bed scene with hatcam, tests permitting.



Oct 12:   Re-d0 wakeup shot Finish HUD test-rig.

Oct 13:   Get velcro tape?


Oct 15:   Get velcro tape? Make hatrig.


Oct 16:  Redo wakeup shot in new HD cam.


> Cull Selections

> Aftereffects Tutorials



>Finalize wake-up scene (HUD, etc)